Some days there just isn’t enough coffee in the world

One of the upsides to being at Seattle Children’s Hospital is that Starbucks is just 23 steps from bedside — which makes the run for decent coffee feasible when I’m in-patient with my son.

I really do think I enunciated clearly.  What I said (at least in my own mind): “I’d like a tall bold with cream, I mean room for. . . ”  Because I was just a little sleep deprived and groggy and forgot that I wasn’t going through a drive-through.

What she (the barista) apparently heard: “I’d like a tall bold Korean with a room.”

This struck her as so funny that she forgot to give me my oatmeal with dried fruit, so I stood there waiting nicely for 5 minutes, pondering what would happen if a customer really did request a tall bold of any ethnicity.  Just how far does Starbucks’ customer service ethic go?  And wouldn’t that be in conflict with the whole family centered care thing that Children’s is so committed to?

They finally realized that they had failed to serve me,   so the nice barista gave me a couple of coupons for free drinks in the future. Which will come in handy for our next hospital stay. Or clinic visits.

When there is no telling what garbled orders will come out of my mouth.


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